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Taking a Privacy First approach to Technology and Applications, supporting the Solid Pod community, hosted by the Software Innovation Institute of the Australian National University, in collaboration with Togaware and Solid AU.

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About Solid Community AU

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the First Peoples and Traditional Custodians of the lands and waterways of Australia. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past and present. As part of the Australian National University community we thank the traditional custodians on whose land we live, work and play, and particularly the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people of the Canberra region.

We are developing technology and applications that put privacy of our data first. In addition to our collection of community apps (and support packages) that we highlight below, our focussing project is lead by the Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (GYHSAC) in Yarrabah, North Queensland. Working with our team at the Software Innovation Institute (SII) of the Australian National University they have built a first-of-a-kind digital health platform to support integrated health care of Indigenous patients with diabetes. SII is using Solid Pod technologies to ensure that individual patients have the ownership of their own health data. Clinic patients get the following benefits from this platform:

  • Better communication between patients and the health clinic to maintain health;
  • Patients retain full control over their own sensitive health data with better privacy and security;
  • Encourage traditional food and medicine intake for better health care.

Since May 2024 we have been running a trial of the GYHSAC Patient App with community patients in Yarrabah. This pilot study has demonstrated the possibilities of Solid Pods for returning data sovereignty to the individual, through deploying a prototype infrastructure on the community server at

In parallel to this project the ANU Software Innovation Institute is developing the open-source solidpod package for flutter to support developers of apps who also want to use Solid Pods for their data store.

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Software Showcase

We have many Solid apps under development. Give them a go.

Our apps are written in Flutter and are open source, and run on any platform. You can try them out in the browser here or visit their github homes. We are also publishing them on the Google Play Store. They are not all there yet, but keep an eye out for them. We are creating the future, so please bear with us as we bring it all together.

Tap on the link icon for any of the below apps to explore the web version of the app.


Make notes on any device.


Manage your Curriculum Vitae.


A simple key-value store.


A meditation session timer.


Pipeline data to your Pod.

Yarrabah Patient App

Access health data populated by local Clinic.

Clinic Trial Configurator

Configure a medical device through the app.

Yarrabah Clinic App

Population health status.

Yarrabah Health Worker App

Health worker support.


You can now download and locally install many of our apps.



PodNotes is a note taking app, storing your notes within your Solid Pod. Make notes anywhere, anytime, on any device and review them later on. Great for that bush walk where you've suddenly come up with a great idea you don't want to lose.

Source Code


CVPod stores your professional career details in your Pod can create a CV as a PDF document using those details. Profile information includes professional experience, educational qualifications, publications, research experience, awards, and referee details.

Source Code


Store key-value data in your Solid Pod. This could be passwords, important numbers, etc. Retrieve them anywhere, anytime, knowing the data is securely stored, encrypted, within your Solid Pod.

Source Code Android apk Linux tar.gz


InnerPod is a session timer for meditation. It includes a bell to begin/end the session and supports 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minute sessions. Sessions can be logged to your Solid Pod.

Source Code Install Guide Android apk Linux tar.gz


There are many apps we are currently using on our devices. We'd really like them to securely store the data in our own Solid Pod under our own control. This pipeline app will retrieve data from other apps and push them to your own Solid Pod.

Source Code


This is our Flutter package to support app developers using Flutter who want to store the user's data within the user's Solid Pod and under their control.

Source Code
  Flutter Package

Want to know more about Solid Pods?

Here are some frequenty asked questions about Solid Pods, the technology behind it, and specific apps. Note that the following is only a very high level defintion of the technology. If you wish to learn much more take a look at the Solid AU Website

  • 01 What is Solid?

    Solid (Social linked data) is a specification that lets individuals and groups store their data securely in decentralized data stores called PODs (Persoanl Online Datastores). PODs are like secure web servers for data. When data is stored in a POD, its owners control which people and applications can access it.


Call To Participate

We are keen to connect with other developers in Australia developing Solid Pod technology and apps, ideally as open source software. Please contact us if you would like to play a role in the future of data or if you have an app that you would like listed here.

The Team

Under the leadership of Professor Graham Williams of the Software Innovation Institute (SII) of the Australian National University (ANU), we are development an underlying platform to support app development using the Flutter/Dart ecosystem. With a focus on open-source software and a sharing society, all of our package and app development is freely available for anyone to use and build on. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with us.

Professor Graham Williams

Chief Scientist

Software Innovation Institute, the Australian National University

Dr Anushka Vidanage

Research Fellow

Software Innovation Institute, the Australian National University

Dr Dawei Chen

Research Fellow

Software Innovation Institute, the Australian National University

Zheyuan Xu

Software Engineer

Software Innovation Institute, the Australian National University

Kevin Wang

Software Engineer

Software Innovation Institute, the Australian National University


To know more about our project or to get involved in app development drop us a message.


108 North Road, Australian National University, Acton ACT 2601, Australia